Free range pigs


Johann Schneeberger’s
real passion

O ne can both see and taste Johann Schneeberger’s passion for his free range pigs. The Mangalica pigs, Durocs and Schwäbisch-Hall pigs feel perfectly at home in their huge run containing a small brook and a ditch full of mud to wallow in. When our pigs are finally butchered, this takes place very close to our farm at the Posch family’s abattoir.

With all the knowledge and experience that has been passed on for generations, Margret Reinprecht creates traditional culinary delights such as smoked pork, bacon, Mangalica salami, Verhackert, which consists of minced bacon mixed with garlic, salt and pepper, liverwurst and much more. Try it out in our Buschenschank and of course also as a take-away in our wine shop!

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