Mixed in many ways

How do you
drink Gin?

Personally, I like my gin also very much with tonic. And when I want to be really fast asleep, I always drink one or two Negroni.


For our Styria Dry Gin we use 27 herbs, spices and fruits. In addition to juniper and traditional botanicals like ginger, oranges, pepper and coriander we also add very special southeast Styrian products such as hops from Leutschach or lavender from Sausal. After the mazeration of the botanicals, which takes a few days, the gin is distilled in a copper kettle. Durinig this process, a few botanicals are extra extracted in order to give our Styria Dry Gin its typical character. After the distilling our gin is stored in earthenware for several weeks. Lastly, we mix the gin with soft spring water to reduce the amount of alcohol and turn the distillate into a fine drink.
  • Gin Tonic
    1 part gin
    3 parts tonic water
    ice cubes
  • Gin Tonic for Summer
    1 part gin
    3 parts tonic water
    1/2 strawberry
    2 to 3 blueberries
    1 small twig of thai-basil
    ice cubes
  • Gin Tonic for Winter
    1 part gin
    3 parts tonic water
    1 slice of lemon
    1 small twig of lavender
    ice cubes
  • Martini
    4 parts gin
    1 part vermouth
    some ice
    shaken or stirred
    lemon zest
  • Negroni
    3 parts gin
    3 parts Campari
    3 parts vermouth (rosso)
    ice cubes

And here you get our Styrian gin

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ou do not need to go to the south of Styria immediately in order to shop Hansi's gin – although the Schneeberger family and their Buschenschank are always worth a visit. In the online shop you can order the Styrian spirit very easily, too. Besides, there are so many more nice things you can discover there.

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