A classic with a new spirit

The Gin of Hansi Schnee­berger

The noble spirit is a real classic which is being discovered by a young generation right now. Gin offers a great variety not only to those who love to drink it, but also to those who produce it. Because juniper berries are not the only ingredients you need to produce great gin.
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  • “Actually, gin is a deeply democratic product: everyone who has access to botanicals can manufacture it.“
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  • “Our business has been run since the second half of the 19th century, more precisely, since 1870. The first Schneeberger first had a farm and a bit of wine besides.“
  • “Styria is a great area for gin, since it’s an area of wine and culinary delights and our people really know what they are talking about when it comes to fine food and drinks.“

A winemaker walking a new path

Gin from

A ctually, Hansi has distilled spirits for quite some time. When gin culture started developing, his interested started developing alike. His path to gin was not a long one, actually. But still it took two years to fill the first bottles. A significant role played a trip with his wife Sarina to Australia, where they celebrated New Year's Eve in a gin bar.
Whether your focus on garnish or the offered sorts of gin: this was paradise. The gin they liked best they tried is made on Kangaroo Island. As this is only a half-hour drive from Adelaide plus a short crossing by ferry, they went there spontaneously. There they met a typically laid-back Aussie who had started producing gin in his garage and has turned this to quite some business. He inspired Hansi to just try that out himself.

From the vineyards and the cellar

News from the Schneeberger family

Which wines have become especially interesting this year? At which events are you quite likely to meet one Schneeberger or the other? And what is this new idea Junior has created about? Here you can learn this and so much more.

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For almost 150 years

& Family

F or almost 150 years the Schneeberger family has dealt with agriculture and viticulture. Every member of the family fulfils a role. The work they do together is based on respect and trust. Well, the Schneeberger family does not only produce gin. They have made a lot of effort in the past few decades to achieve new levels of viticulture in Styria. Their busines is one of the largest in their region, their Buschenschank – a wine tavern where they do not only serve their wines and spirits, but also home-made Styrian specialities in terms of food – is widely known and popular.

Mixed in many ways

How do you drink gin?

Once upon a time, one drank tonic water in order to make use of the quinine to protect oneself from malaria. It only took some time until a clever epicure started adding gin to improve the taste. Nowadays, this delicious drink is most probably mixed in more ways than any other spirit.

Show all recipes for drinks with gin
  • Martini
    4 parts gin
    1 part vermouth
    some ice
    shaken or stirred
    lemon zest
  • Gin Tonic
    1 part gin
    3 parts tonic water
    ice cubes
  • Negroni
    3 parts gin
    3 parts Campari
    3 parts vermouth (rosso)
    ice cubes

And here you get our Styrian gin

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You do not need to go to the south of Styria immediately in order to shop Hansi's gin – although the Schneeberger family and their Buschenschank are always worth a visit. In the online shop you can order the Styrian spirit very easily, too. Besides, there are so many more nice things you can discover there.

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